Thursday, May 10, 2012

Houston Phone Numbers

                                Expand Local Marketing With Houston Phone Numbers

Businesses that have expanded beyond the borders of Houston may still want to maintain a local presence to aid in marketing campaigns. A simple way to continue keeping a local presence is by using Houston phone numbers in your business. Having a local number will enable Houston residents to easily contact your company.

Having a local Houston phone number is a great way to bolster your image as a local company that cares about its clients. The local number provides a sense of connection between you and your customers, while the virtual phone system will make sure that all calls get answered, either by an employee or with voice mail. If a message is left in voice mail, an automatic alert can be set up to let employees know when a message is left, ensuring a prompt reply that will impress callers.

Even though your company may not be situated in Houston, getting local Houston phone numbers is still possible through a virtual phone system. A virtual phone system will allow you to have a local number for residents to call, and that number then gets re-routed to your main telephone line. This allows you to work at any location and still be able to maintain a local presence within Houston by virtue of the local phone number. Your virtual phone service provider will maintain all the hardware and equipment necessary to enable your employees to receive calls via landline or mobile devices. All your company will need to do is set up an extension for each employee or department.

A virtual phone system utilizing Houston phone numbers offers a variety of benefits to your company, and not only in the area of marketing. You are likely to find more people willing to do business with you, as the Houston number camouflages where your employees are calling. You are able to offer protection of privacy to your workers, as their own home phones can be connected to the virtual phone system with its Houston number. Your employees are still able to make and answer calls from customers, but can do so from anywhere in the US or Canada.

Your local Houston phone numbers will be of great aid when marketing your business within Houston. When making calls, people will see a Houston number on the Caller ID, and be more likely to pick up the phone than if they saw a toll free number appear. If people wish to call your company, they will be able to dial an easy to remember phone number with a similar area code to their own. This is much more welcoming to the average person than a long distance or toll free number. People are more receptive to businesses that appear to have a local presence. With your local Houston phone number you present that image, and customers do not need to know you are not local.

Using local Houston phone numbers is a great approach to improving local marketing. Connecting your number through a virtual phone system will greatly facilitate your marketing endeavors within Houston.

Monday, May 7, 2012

Houston Phone Numbers

                              How To Sell Real Estate Using Houston Phone Numbers

Selling real estate is a competitive occupation, and realtors need to use whatever tools can be had at their disposal. Installing a virtual phone system with a local Houston phone number is a great way to generate business in Houston. 

Realtors selling real estate in Houston need to be constantly on the alert for leads. People buying or selling property will want to speak with a realtor quickly, before the overwhelming confusion of house hunting begins to change their minds.
Using local Houston phone numbers can help realtors sell real estate by getting them quickly in touch with people who are wanting to buy or sell a home.

A virtual phone system will be of great benefit for a realtor. Through a virtual phone system, a realtor can be at any location and not miss a call from a potential client. There will be no need to sit in the office or wait by your phone. Instead, the virtual phone system will redirect any call to your landline or mobile phone. Any messages will be left in an inbox account that can be accessed at any location where Internet is available. With a virtual phone system, realtors can work on selling real estate at any time, not only during office hours.

The next step to selling real estate in Houston is to use local Houston phone numbers. Create a phone number for your virtual system that contains an area code from Houston. This way, no matter where you are, clients will still be calling a Houston number and get the impression that you are a local realtor, even if you are working for a company elsewhere. Using virtual Houston phone numbers rather than personal phone numbers will also help with retaining your privacy, as clients will not be able to access your personal information. Different extensions can be used to record information about each property to help prequalify potential buyers.

Houston phone numbers with call capture feature is another great tip for selling real estate within Houston. Call Capture bypasses Caller ID blocking so you have access to the number any caller used to reach you. You can then immediately jump on the lead and contact your potential client. Call capture allows you to be sure you will not miss a lead for buying or selling property, as the information will be retained in the system until you are in a position to access it.

Once you have reviewed any caller information, it is time to follow through and call up the potential clients. Through the virtual phone system, the Caller ID will display your Houston phone number and not a personal number. When clients see the local number appear, they are more likely to feel a sense of connection than if they saw a long distance company phone number or toll free number appearing. People appreciate personal communication, and Houston phone numbers can help facilitate that sense of personal interconnection.
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